You will find here a presentation of each office member.

Rich of our experiences in breeding of abyssinian and/or somalia,or by our activities,we will advise you best in your steps.

SomAby, Somalia and abyssinien official breed club.



From a business training,I worked more than 10 years to become manager.


I then decided to stop to devote myself to my first passion,animals.

So I passed all my exams in the middle.


During a breeding guard,I feel under the spell of a cat at the same time elegant,majestic and of an out of the ordinary presence it was.


After that, I feel in love with an abyssinian black silver called Isy white.

Since then I have stopped everything to devote myself to my love and my breeding under the name : Addis Abeba. 


Maïwenn LECOMTE 


I've been in love with cats for a long time and I've fallen in love with abyssinian and somalia for a few years now. 


Farmer from somalia and tax expert by profession, it is with pleasure that I will answer all your questions about our club and the breed what we represent.


Philippe MARTIN 

Passionate since my first meeting with our friends the abyssinian and somalia .

Admiring of their beauty, of their grace and their intelligence,I offer my services to the improvement of the promotion of the breed.

Micro-entrepreneur accounting and motivated training, I therefore undertake to bring you my help and to best answer your questions about our feline friends