"The club life"is a section where we wish to keep you informed of the ideas that are germinating and that the club somaby wants to set up.


You have ideas? Don't hesitate to submit them via our contact form.

The club is above all that of its members (breeders and no breeders).


  • In 2018,Orleans was chosen for the organization of our breeding special.
  • Concerning the specials, we envisage as for as possible to make minimum 2 special annually  as well in the south as in the north of France,
  • The club would like to make "goodies" with the effigy of the club. Your ideas are welcome ! 





1-Current creation of the website in english. We plan to offer it in spanish. The goal is to have a french and latin world base  .




2-Creation of a member area with personalized platforms for each member. .


That is to say that each member will have his private space to access this data saved by the club ( pedigree,genetic test,diploma ).




3-Propose with the diplomas a cockade with the effigy of the club.




4-In addition to the health center currently online on our website, we plan to create a relationship with one or more veterinarians.This so that somaby is more efficient and effective on all medical issues




5-Partners: We have recently reorganized the management of relations with our partners.This has borne fruit,we can soon offer new offers ans a space to rethink.




6-The breeder space: So that this space which is entirely dedicated to you is more alive,we wish to made it to your image. For that it will be enough to send us a brief presentation of your breeding ( race, colors ... ). It will be accompanied by some pictures !




7-Story Aby/Som : This space is being redesigned. We are looking for pictures ( ideally on white background ) of abyssinatin and somalia to decorate this space.




8-An "upcoming" space has been created . Just feel free to send us your ads.




9-International relations will be one of our priorities in 2018.




So here our 9 projects that is preparing where already current or current. We hope they can all see the light but do not forget that the somaby is nothing without you , so do not hesitate to give us your ideas.